Health Comes First

Coaching others to achive better health and more fufillment by creating multiple streams of income so that they can create the life they desire. 

Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS


After experiencing severe burnout...enough to walk away from a multi 6-figure income, I have learned that mindset is everything. After deep soul searching and transformation, I learned how to reinvent myself by making myself a priority and stepping outside the box.


Health is the most important thing we can have, without it, we have nothing. My wellness program encouages good nutrition, mindset and self care. Learn more !

Female Physican 

I created a facebook group for female physicans to come and learn about buiding a business. We network, suppport and grow together. 


We tell our stories and share what we know. Look out for more episodes as we add them frequently. You can listen to the Female Physican Entrepreneurs podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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Business Building!

I have a created courses which can help  you get started selling your products and services.   

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Subscribe to my Youtube channel to hear the latest in nutrtion and self development. There is an emphasis on business building while staying healthy. 

Steps To Success!

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Learn about tools which can help grow your business. From magazine apps, to booking apps and moc ups, see the tools in action. Plus get coaching tips. 

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